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About Us

Who we are?

About Sama Al Oukhoueh Association

Sama Al Oukhoueh Association founded in May 28, 2014 Registration 947. Position Tripoli-based Mina,Port Said Street - Asafiri building - First Floor Telephone 06204981 or 03204981

Who Are We?
Sama Al Oukhoueh Association was founded by a group of persons of the pioneers of teamwork believers need for concerted efforts and cooperation of individuals and so out of the urgent need to supplement the civil society, human resources eligible scientifically prepared enough to contribute to the process of development and progress. And volunteer work is the basis for the success of the objectives of the association.

Our vision:
And even enjoy a bright tomorrow should benefit from the work of the ancestors who made their own hands what we enjoy today. North publicly seeds good for our children to grow up and permeated everyone. Continuation of Sama Association depends on the support of all members of society who are committed to the development of the next generations, we must invest in public good in the hearts of the children of today to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Association Objectives:

  1. Human service and help to overcome the difficulties of life and to improve living conditions
  2. Educational and Sports activities
  3. Secure Social Service
  4. Activating the role of the human to help his fellow man
  5. Establishment of medical clinics and healthcare
  6. Establishment of nursing homes
  7. Help the widows
  8. Orphans Sponsorship

Future aspirations:

  • Find a permanent headquarter of the Association
  • Higher Education program: increasing the coverage of the burden of study to include contributing to the tuition.
  • Alumni support program: finding jobs for university graduates.
  • Hospitalization program: support sustainable Fund hospitalization for the elderly and newborns.
  • Ensure that the orphan program works to support orphans socially, healthful and educationally
  • Program of care for the elderly: Create told the elderly at a high level of care and attention with all secure supplies on the psychological and health.
  • Sports program: the establishment of a sports entertainment centre for all ages give us field to keep the largest number of young people from pests.

Administrative board of the association

Mazina Ahmed Sabra

President of the Association to the Government


Manal Ahmed Sabra

Vice President


Wassim Mohammad Fawzi Abboushi



Saniya Ahmed Sabra




Imad Nourdine Noaman



Fouad Abdallah Sabra